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About Us
H-Huat Furniture Sdn Bhd

was established in 1998 with envision being a leading furniture manufacturer and exporter to satisfy the demand for manufactured quality furniture from both the Malaysian and other foreign markets. Our team is fully equipped with the fundamental machineries and is also continuously ready to acquire new machineries for mass production to match the standards & demand in the industry.

We are confident of providing our clients with products and value-added services of the highest standards. This is in line with our vision of working closely with the clients in a long-term professional relationship to explore for more opportunities in the market.
SR Furniture Sdn Bhd

Our associate company, SR Furniture Sdn Bhd was formed by our founder Mr Low Kheng Chong in the same year and is currently focusing on the services of designing, manufacturing, delivery and installation of high quality furniture (including built-in furniture) as well as other turn-key renovation services on project basis. Our experience covers projects ranging from office furniture, student accommodations, hospitality industry, and resort industry.

Our service promise is simple. We strongly believe in “Working with speed without compromising on quality” - quote Mr Low Kheng Chong.
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