Furniture Sdn. Bhd Co.No.: 471190-D

SR-Buildscape Sdn bhd
Is a private limited company, which was incorporated in Malaysia on 16th April 2002. Our company is active in all field of construction engineering by providing advanced technical solution, utilizing conventional as well as high-tech computer aided equipment for its projects.

As a PKK (Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor) Class A and CIDB Grade 7 license holder, SR Buildscape has been actively participating in government granted and private sector projects. With its innovative technical capabilities and sound financial standing, SR Buildscape enjoys a strong position in Malaysian market. Its team of highly motivated, passionate and qualified technical and managerial staff is the most precious asset of SR Buildscape. They have, with their knowledge, skill and experience, formed a strong base in the company to provide cutting edge services to its customers.

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